Thesis Eleven without steroids: standalone philosophical analysis

‘Philosophical analysis’ here means a combination of conceptual, logical and linguistic tools [1]. ‘Standalone’ means we’re going to assume that the only sentence we know from this particular thinker and from that particular text is this: The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, is to change it. Anonymous author, unknown date We […]

On the possibility of a non-essentialist, pluralistic, comparative, philosophical and political anthropology, part 1

On Gyorgy Markus’ Language and Production and other competing models of human (inter)activity Page numbers refer to: Márkus. G. Language and Production: A Critique of the Paradigms. Dordrecht-Boston, Reidel  (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science Vol. 96,1986. Please see my earlier post on Markus if you have no idea who I am talking about: […]

Could we have been born couple years off? Dan-Cohen and the constructive view on personal identity

In the first part of the study I asked to imagine ourselves being born years later/earlier than we already did and assess our identity. Then I described negative positions denying the feasibility of such imaginary scenarios on different grounds. In the second part of the study I have introduced the positive answer suggesting that our […]

Could we have been born couple years off? The positive answer

In DOB and personal identity: could we have been born couple years off? Part 1 I have asked the readers to conduct a series of thought experiments in which they try to imagine being born couple years earlier/later than their actual DOBs and then ask whether their identities might have remained intact in these alternative […]

DOB and personal identity: could we have been born couple years off? Part 1

A Thought Experiment by and on You Please conduct the following simple (series) of thought experiment(s) by and on yourself (X): Take your actual (current) date of birth (DOB(X)=x) and now construct/compute a date exactly one year earlier than your DOB. Got it?  Ok, now throw away your old DOB and focus on this new, […]

Should we always do subjectively once we worked out what we ought to do objectively?

This Monday I’ve visited a one-day conference at the University of Cambridge on Non Categorical Thought and I’ve found it fantastic, both the people and the content and the quality of the discussion. You can read abstracts here. There was one change in the programme, the first talk was given by Arif Ahmed instead of […]