Thesis Eleven without steroids: standalone philosophical analysis

‘Philosophical analysis’ here means a combination of conceptual, logical and linguistic tools [1]. ‘Standalone’ means we’re going to assume that the only sentence we know from this particular thinker and from that particular text is this: The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, is to change it. Anonymous author, unknown date We […]

My favourite philosopher from Budapest

As a young biology undergraduate in the mid/late 90s, in Hungary, culturally hungry for something else too besides feeding largely on the natural sciences, I happened to quickly browse through a series of booklets – Értekezések, emlékezések – published by the publishing house of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, when the title of one such […]

Could we have been born couple years off? Dan-Cohen and the constructive view on personal identity

In the first part of the study I asked to imagine ourselves being born years later/earlier than we already did and assess our identity. Then I described negative positions denying the feasibility of such imaginary scenarios on different grounds. In the second part of the study I have introduced the positive answer suggesting that our […]

Could we have been born couple years off? The positive answer

In DOB and personal identity: could we have been born couple years off? Part 1 I have asked the readers to conduct a series of thought experiments in which they try to imagine being born couple years earlier/later than their actual DOBs and then ask whether their identities might have remained intact in these alternative […]

DOB and personal identity: could we have been born couple years off? Part 1

A Thought Experiment by and on You Please conduct the following simple (series) of thought experiment(s) by and on yourself (X): Take your actual (current) date of birth (DOB(X)=x) and now construct/compute a date exactly one year earlier than your DOB. Got it?  Ok, now throw away your old DOB and focus on this new, […]